Meet the Dunbar Family

Four generations strong!

Donna Dunbar: Donna IS the Randy May Memorial Horse Show! Her work on the show never ends; for as one show wraps up, planning for the next begins. Donna designs each year's brochure, registers riders, assigns ride times, designs jumps, recruits and organizes volunteers, solicits sponsors, prepares awards, and hosts the pre-show organizational gathering and annual Dinner on the Deck after the show. She is your hostess for this event and works behinds the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Donna was married to Randy May for 20 years.

Lee Dunbar: Lee is the Show's Quality Control Officer, Grounds Manager, Site Supervisor, Chair of the Morale Committee...whatever needs to be done beyond the realm of paperwork, Lee is there and ready to make it work!

Julie McTague: The eldest Dunbar sister, this year Julie will be supervising the morale crew and keeping "the talent" on task.

Chris McTague: Chris is "the talent." As our faithful MC, he keeps the riders informed and the show running on schedule.

Sean McTague: Sean is the first of the Dunbar grandchildren. He heads the morale crew, spreading smiles and laughter everywhere he goes.

Alisen and Ryan McTague: Ali and Ryan offer smiles and giggles galore!

Shannon Buzzell: Shannon is our chef-in-residence. She provides delicious boxed lunches for participants and their families. Click on "Shannon's Sandwiches" at left to view the menu and submit your order.

Elena Buzzell: Elena is a tour de force of energy and excitement. Don't expect to see her sitting down for too long!

Jack Buzzell:  Following in his sister's footsteps, Jack can hardly keep still, but tears around with energy.

Kelley Sullivan: Kelley continues to work behind-the-scenes as webmaster.  Please send comments/suggestions to help improve the site.  

Matthew Sullivan: Matt picks up all odd chores that need to be done. 

Colley Sullivan: Cute and carefree, Colley will tell you all about planes and trains if you give him a chance!

Aleta Jane Sullivan: A precocious little girl.  Aleta Jane will sing you a song and do a little dance if you ask.

Samuel Sullivan (not pictured): The newest member of our family, bringing the morale crew up to eight members ten years old and younger!