Randy May Memorial Scholarship

Honoring Randy May (1945-2000)

The Randy May Memorial Scholarship grants small awards (usually up to $300) to youngsters 18 and under in the participation of an educational equestrian activity or project.   Awards have been given to attend event camp, to participate in the Lendon Grey Dressage 4Kids, and to compose a dressage freestyle as part of a high school project.   The essential requirement is that the proposed activity have an educational component and provides an opportunity beyond routine riding lessons. 

There is no formal application for the Scholarship.  Applicants are asked to write a letter to the Scholarship Committee, detailing the following areas:

  1. The activity (Name, dates, etc.  Please include supporting documents.)
  2. The cost of the activity (Itemize activity fees, board, lodging, transportation, stabling, etc.)
  3. The educational benefit of the activity (How will you benefit from the activity?  Why do you think this activity is worthy of a scholarship?)
  4. How do you intend to contribute to the cost of the activity?  (Not how your parents will contribute, how will YOU contribute?—Barn work?  Babysitting?  Chores at home?)
  5. Include your name, address, age, and anything you would like the Committee to know about yourself, your riding, your aspirations, etc.


Applications are expected to be grammatically correct and without spelling errors.  Send application/inquiries to Donna Dunbar at:  



498 Wormwood Hill Road | Mansfield Center, CT | 06250

A copy of the scholarship requirements can be downloaded by clicking the down arrow next to the document name below.

The Randy May Memorial schooling show and scholarship are projects of Connecticut Vintage Equestrians, Inc., which is a 501(c)3 organization.  Donations to the show and to the scholarship are therefore tax deductible.

Kelley Sullivan,
Jul 3, 2015, 7:40 PM