Dressage Tests


In organizing the Randy May Memorial, we strive to provide "a big show for the little guy."  Smiles are required.  We have a lot of fun, follow the rules, and provide an experience that promotes education and camaraderie.  We offer a class for riders who have never ridden a dressage test in a show before (First Ride) to help get those first-time jitters out of the way.  There is a Lead Line class (Intro Test A) for enthusiastic riders who aren't quite ready for regular classes.  We include Freestyle -- even Training Level -- because it's a lot of fun for riders, spectators and even the horses.  Our classes focus on tests through first level dressage and novice 2-phase because that's where most of our competitors are in their training.  But, we also offer Test of Choice for riders who want to try 2nd level and above.  

We award prizes for just about everything we can think of -- there's even a Judge's Award (how many times do you think a judge has thought "if only I could award a prize for that!"?) and a Grandkids Award (the winner is determined by our grandkids for whatever strikes their fancy).  Our announcer is an expert at keeping everyone informed about where they are supposed to be and when.  Additionally, there is a monitor at both the warm-up and the dressage arena, as well as in the stadium field.  There is no need for anyone to ever worry about missing a class once they are mounted and in the show area.  All you need to do is relax, smile, and ride!