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Sponsorship Opportunity

August 30, 2014 will mark the 13th anniversary of the Randy May Memorial Scholarship, and of the Randy May Memorial Schooling Show—activities of Connecticut Vintage Equestrians, Inc.  We want to make this another great activity, and are asking for your support.

The Randy May Memorial Scholarship was established to help youngsters who are interested horses.  It offers them financial support in projects that combine horses with an educational component and encourages them to submit written applications that are grammatically correct and explain the educational benefit of the project.  The Scholarship has sent youngsters and their horses to Lendon’s Dressage 4Kids – which has a strong academic component – and has funded a high school student who combined a school assignment with composing a musical freestyle.   Others have attended eventing camp and worked toward inclusion on the Young Rider’s dressage team.

The Randy May Memorial Schooling Show (dressage) supports the Scholarship.  The show committee strives to make this a positive experience for amateur riders who do not routinely compete in recognized shows.  We make fun a strong component.  Some of our riders gain the confidence they needed to move on to recognized competition.  Others compete in only our show each year.  For some, the recognition that they receive at RMM is the only acknowledgement of their efforts that they will ever receive.   With that in mind, our ribbons are bigger, our awards are more special, we have more award categories, and our staff does all it can to make sure each rider knows that they always have our full attention. 

We have a special class for riders who have never ridden in a show before.  It gives them a chance to get their first-time jitters out of the way.  We give the judge a ribbon and prize to award for anything she would like; and we do the same for our grand-kids.  They present a ribbon and prize to any rider that appeals to them for whatever reason.  Since all seven grandies are under 8 years old, the prize usually goes to a youngster with a pony – someone who needs a special boost of confidence.  One of our volunteers gives a “Spirit of the Sport” award in memory of the horse she used to ride.  The huge smiles we get when these special awards are given make it clear that they are at least as important as any “regular” awards we give. 

The word is out about the scholarship.  We have given many more awards over the past two years, and our fund is dangerously low.  We have awarded our last scholarship until we can “plump” it back up again.  Any support you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

There are many ways that you can participate in this effort.   Financial contributions are always welcome.   Our expenses are many, from ribbons, to judges, to things as basic as port-a-johns.   The donation of prizes always makes our job easier.  If possible, we provide a grab-box for riders who received 2nd place, as well as having designated awards for first place and championship winners.   We can include samples of your company’s products in competitors’ packets.  Connecticut Vintage Equestrians is a 501©3 organization, so contributions are tax deductible. 

Every volunteer and sponsor gets an ad or at least a mention in our show brochure.  The brochure includes equestrian trivia and pictures of competitors and family.  We have had many compliments over the years – so we know that brochure and ads are actually read.  The sponsorship form is on the back of this letter.  We would love to have you join us as part of the 12th Randy May Memorial family.

Thank you!             

Interested sponsors should download the sponsorship form below or contact Donna by calling her at (860) 429-0446 or by emailing her at donna@randymaymemorial.org.

Kelley Sullivan,
Jul 30, 2012, 6:47 PM